PRADA Quilted Ripstop Down Gilet - Men PRADA x Down Jackets

PRADA Quilted Ripstop Down Gilet - Men PRADA x Down Jackets

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[PRADA] Prada in 1913, Mario Prada Milano leather products shop Fratelli Prada to open. Collect rare ingredients and quality skin from around the world, was making the products.

Mario's daughter took over the business after the death of the founder Mario Prada, but lasted longer slump.
Then in 1978 to be Mario's granddaughter Miuccia Prada is owner and became a designer.
Industrial water resistant Nylon material was used for travel Bag Mario "Pocono" made in bag development and becomes popular in Japan and the United States, including the. Pocono products in 1996, with the upside-down triangle logo plate is announced each types, expand business scale, become a worldwide brand.

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[PRADA] Pelada Quilted Ripstop Down Gilet

Material / ripstop ★

★ color / BLACK

★ front zip pocket, designer emblem, one inside pocket,
Nylon 100%.
Trim: leather 100% (calf).
Padding: down 90%, 10% feathers (goose)
Dry cleaning
Made in Italy

PRADA Quilted Ripstop Down Gilet - Men PRADA x Down Jackets